Its gold for Brazil!
BE World Beer Cup Prize

Brazil won worldwide notoriety recently with another alcoholic beverage other than cachaça. This time beer was featured in the media in various corners of the globe!

The Wals brewery, from the city of Belo Horizonte, won a gold medal and one silver in the largest international beer competition, the World Beer Cup.

The event, which takes place every two years, held its last edition held in Denver, Colorado and had a team of 219 judges (9 being Brazilian) to analyze nearly 4,800 beer labels from 58 different countries. Brazil competed with 63 beers from 21 breweries.

This award was the first the country has won on the 10 editions of the competition organized by the Brewers Assiciation.

The Brazilian boys took the unprecedented gold in the Belgian Dubbel category, competing with 34 other beers. The silver medal came in the Belgian Ale category, with its Quadruppel.

The last Brazilian beer winning something in this competition had been the Eisenbahn Dunkel, who took a bronze medal in 2008.

With the international popularity, Wals brewery intends to invest in its exports. The company has already started exporting some labels. The first destination is the United States, more precisely Denver, Colorado. The first 20,000 bottles shipment has already shipped.

This may be the push that was needed to Brazilian breweries create their identity in the world market!


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