Germans get delighted with Brazilian beers during the World Cup
BE Germans and beer

Used to stronger and more flavorful beers than the Brazilian commercial beers, the Germans have no problems with local beers and are feeling at home in Brazil during the Football World Cup.

Even with the German’s high standards, notorious for its Purity Law, which closely supervises the beer production in this European country, tourists are enjoying the games watered by the Brazilian beers.

The main reason is the heat. Many tourists get delighted with Brazilian beers. Some are happy with the fact that Brazilian beer is weak; therefore they can drink all day without getting drunk.

Others think that Brazilian beers are ideal for the climate and Brazilian culture: light and refreshing!

And everyone mentioned that Brazilian beers are cheap! This is due to the exchange rate of the countries’ currencies. The bars which are not accredited by FIFA, are selling 600ml bottles for at least R$ 6.00 (around $2,80), price considered expensive for Brazilian standards, but by German party standards, this price is cheap.

For a simple comparison, a 1-liter mug at Oktoberfest in Munich costs around R$30,00 (around $$14,00). So with high consumption power, the Germans are delighted with the Brazilian beaches and the Brazilian DNA to create new friends and to party!

We only hope that this German happiness, even shared by the national team players, which watched the Brazilian game against Chile with Brazilian workers at their hotel, does not last until the end of the championship!

This is proof that even the most simple and light beers widespread around the world, has its place in the market and its time to be consumed!

When it is time to party and the goal is to refresh, a light beer solves the problem quickly and inexpensively!


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