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BrewDog was created with the mission to spread the craft beer revolution culture all over the world.

That doesn’t mean that the revolution is done by their own beers alone.

They believe that the success of new craft breweries is good for the market as a whole and it will help people to see how rewarding craft beer can be.

The first example is their bars. All of them (more than 20 around the world) sell not only BrewDog beers but also local beers and other famous international craft beers.

To continue with its mission, this week, BrewDog announced they will allocate up to £100.000 of its profits each year to invest in new breweries around the world.

The idea is to help new craft breweries start up and get established.

BrewDog is providing not only the financial aid with the BrewDog Development Fund, but also a consulting service to the new partners.

Martin Dickie and James Watt, along with their experienced team will assist brewing ingredients and equipment purchases, will offer access to their own lab for beer analysis, and will give an ongoing support during the whole expansion project.

Another great advantage is that this new partner will be able to showcase its beers in the company’s bar around the world, and will be introduced to the huge international sales network created by Scottish brewery during the last decade.

And to start the project and to show the world how serious they are, two official partners were chosen: Brew by Numbers brewery, based in London and CAP brewery, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

In the Brew by Numbers’ project, for example, Brewdog provided £50.000 of support to enable this homebrewing project becomes a brand new craft brewery.

Brewdog doesn’t go into details, but they take a small amount of equity in the new business. In the CAP project, they say only that this number was something under 7%.

The work has just started: they are looking for other potential craft breweries projects that will match their view and meet their values.

And the good news is that applications can be sent from anywhere in the world!

So, if you have a good beer and a interesting idea, they could help you to launch your dream brewery!


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