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Founded in 1988, this brewery produces a line of very rich beers, keeping the long tradition that Brooklyn has in the American beer history.

With the influence of German immigrants, this region close to New York became one of the country’s most important beer producers until Prohibition. The region had over 50 breweries 100 years ago.

The brewery started in the basement of a small Brooklyn house when Steve Hindy and Tom Potter decided to resign, and risk everything on creating a beer that would bring the flavor back to the American beer. The first brews were by a Contract Brewing Company, until they managed capital to open their own brewery.

Earlier, graphic designer Milton Glasser was hired to create the company logo. Milton is a worldwide known for the I love New York logo. As they had no money to pay for this service, the duo eventually signing a partnership that generates benefits for both sides: Milton has a stock of beers Brooklyn until the end of his life!

Today, the Brooklyn Brewery is one of the leading exponents of the American craft beer scene. The brewery growth in the past year is really impressive: in 2012 the brewery production quintupled, reaching the impressive 30 million liters! Today the beers produced in Brooklyn are now found in at least 25 states and 20 countries around the world.

And the expansion has not stopped. In 2014, they decided to venture into the Old Continent: the brewery teamed up with Carlsberg to open Carnegie Brewery, a brewery in Stockholm, Sweden with production capacity of nearly 1 million liters.

Brooklyn is also a company that really encourages the beer harmonization on high gastronomy. The brewmaster Garrett Oliver became one of the references of this movement with the launch of the book "The Brewmasters Table: Discovery the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food .

In 2011, he also served as editor in chief of one of the most devoted beer in the world: Oxford Companion to Beer. A modern and very aggressive brewery with very representative beers in this current craft beer world.

Really worth knowing in detail their regular lines and seasonal beers.


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