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BE jerome and beer

During his studies in Oenological Engineering, Jerome Rebetez prepared his first beers in his parents’ kitchen. Enthusiastic about his creations, he decided to test them and entered the Swiss Competition for microbrewers.

The impressed judges awarded him first prize.

Even after finished his studies, Jerome continued to follow his passion for the golden drink because he believed that it is not possible to create that much with wine and in 1997 he opened Brasserie de Franches-Montagnes (BFM) in order to create unusual beers.

Also unusual was the way he got the capital to start production. He won a television show created to help entrepreneurs kick-start their projects, called Le rêve de 20 ans you (The dream of your 20 years).

Jerome continues challenging traditional brewing. Always seeking innovative and unique raw materials such as Sarawak pepper, sage, green tea, honey chestnuts, among others.

And he keeps challenging the market. He has said in an interview that he refuses to create beers to please the existing demand. He tries to be as original as possible.

Jerome has a slightly different view of the current business model. He says he has no customers, only friends. Says he has not been much concerned with his beer brand because he believes that the product inside the bottle does its work alone.

Each day, BFM has been specializing itself in oak barrels aged beers and has its greatest exponent in the LAbbaye de Saint Bon-Chien, who was once voted the best beer in the world by the prestigious New York Times.

Because of this academic background, Jerome is also very concerned with beer harmonization with haute cuisine, producing beers to match from noble meats to all types of dessert.

If you are near the Swiss Alps by, stop at BFM brewery to meet this master brewer obsessed with beer and all its variations.


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