Beer Complexo do Alemão
BE Cerveja Complexo do Alemao

The month of June saw the launch of the first craft beer coming from the hills of Rio de Janeiro.

Marcelo Ramos, a resident of one of the largest communities on the hill of Rio, created a beer that honors its birth city: Beer Complexo do Alemão.

A Premium American Lager, with 5% alcohol content and produced with two malt types (Pilsner and Carahell) and three types of hops (Magnum, Bobeck and Styruan Goldin). After much battle and have his project denied by numerous breweries, Marcelo, in partnership with Allegra Brewery, created a full-bodied beer with a creamy head and a refreshing taste.

The young entrepreneurs dream is to create a Witbier, but he opted for a more familiar beer if compared to most commercial, not to distance themselves from the community where he lives. But a Witbier is planned since his first beer can be considered a success, with requests for various distributors.

This beer is part of a wider project to share the beer culture with the residents of Complexo do Alemão.

The 25 year old entrepreneur who was born and still lives in the community, invested in a bar focused on specialty beers (but also sells the most commercial beers) in his fathers house garage, called Bistrô Estação R&R and that today has 280 labels of domestic and international beers.

In its battle to break down prejudices within an elite brewing world, Marcelo plans tasting workshops for its customers, mostly residents of the complex, so they can learn along with a cold beer.

Another example of how determination and entrepreneurial mind are able to overcome obstacles taken by many as impossible


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