Cool Beer Accessories
The brewing culture is very creative.
We always find unusual and very cool accessories. Great ideas for gifts or even for you to have at your home or bar!

Reusable and washable beer labels!

This is for homebrew lovers! You know how complicated it is to create a label, even if it is a simple one just to sort and organize your beer.
Paper gets wet and mars, common labels doesn’t stay in place or leave some glue on the bottle. But Monk Garage developed this new vinyl label as a solution: you can write, erase, wash in the dishwasher and use again!
Comes in various colors, shapes and sizes.
Of course is self-adhesive and waterproof.
The package comes with 24 labels (each with two parts) and the pen. It costs USD 24.00, in the company’s website.

Can Stamps

Have you ever lost your beer can at a party?
Who has not seen the typical scene at the end of a party: several beer cans half full on the table! But this invention will solve your problem!
You can stamp your can so youll never miss a sip of your favorite beer!
The Can Stamp developed an artifact that marks the can on the edge with the design you want.
A simple but very effective idea! Here is the video explaining the product. 


At the moment, the product is only available in the United States and is sold by the manufacturer for USD8.00 on the web store.

Bottle Opener that doesn’t damage the caps
Brookstone developed an bottle opener that will greatly help your bottle caps’ collection.
You only need to push it down and the bottle is opened.
The cap gets trapped inside the opener and the best part: it is not mashed out! An essential item for collectors!
At their web store costs USD20.00.
Always cold beer!
In the summer can be tricky to keep your beer cold, right?
But Corkcicle created an ingenious solution: Chillsner!
You simply put in the freezer for 45 minutes and then put it inside the bottle!
Made of stainless steel for easy cleaning, it doesn’t transfer any particle for your beer!
The design is very interesting because you can take the beer, even with the piece inside the bottle! With a sealing system, the cap leaves no drop of your beer leaks.
The 2 pack costs USD30.00, at their website.

Chill Puck

The Chill Puck is a nifty idea for those who like to drink beer in cans at the weekend barbecues.

Isn’t your beer is always warm when the can is almost empty?
Then this is the solution to keep your beer cold.
The idea is simple, just place it in the freezer for about an hour and then connect it your can, keeping the cold for much longer.
In the inventors website, each piece costs USD3.00.
They even accept orders for customized products.

The Beer mustache!

The Beardo BeerMo is ideal for parties!
You not only make a great joke with your frineds by using this funny fake mustache, but also you still mark your bottle so you never lose your drink in the middle of so many opened bottles!
In the company’s website, a 6 pack costs USD11.00.


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