Beer Coasters

To protect the table, to absorb moisture, not to stain any surface. These are the beer coasters’ technical functions. But they can also be a decorative item used to express your identity! Nowadays they come in all sizes and shapes and are manufactured with the most varied raw materials possible. And the themes are endless: breweries, jokes, famous landmarks, among others. Here is a list chosen by Totally Beer with the coolest ideas that exist in the market!

Concrete Hexagon Coasters
This coaster is made of real concrete! Created with a special type of concrete, they are very sturdy and incredibly smooth. Its design helps to reduce condensation on the bottom of the cup and therefore reduce the possibility of watering your table!

Bottle Cap Coasters
Very creative, play with your size perception!

Built-in Bottle Openers
This is for practical people: besides being a beautiful wood coaster, it is also a bottle opener, making his life easier when you need to open your favorite beer!!

Lego Coaster
For those who love the Lego world, this is an excellent option. They are made of rubber, are anti-slip and come with the texture of one of the most famous toys in the world. Great option to attach your adult life with that child inside of you!

Lumiware Color Changing Coasters
Philips has created a futuristic form of decoration. These pieces of technology not only protect your furniture, but also illuminate your glass transforming it into part of the party decor! They are Waterproof and can change color whenever you want. The more transparent the drink is, the more interesting effect becomes!

Clumsy Coasters
This coaster gives the impression that your drink already spotted the table!

Sponge Coaster
Useful to help a friend who spilled his beer!

Iphone Coaster
Made for technology fanatics, inspired by the iPhone applications.

A Black Hole Coaster
This coaster is a great example of creativity: it generates a 3D effect, giving the impression that your glass is in a black hole!

Oops Coaster
Another double function coaster: it works as bottle opener too!

Floppy Disk Coasters
These coasters are for nostalgic geeks!

Record Label Coasters
For those who believe that vinyl will never be forgotten! And a great idea to start an endless discussion at your next party!

Carbon Fiber Coasters
To add a little luxury in our list: made of carbon fiber, each coaster costs around USD 130.00! Of course this is a limited edition, since there are not many people willing to spend that kind of money in one of this!

Star Wars Coasters
For aficionados in Star Wars, nothing more sensational than this Darth Vader coasters!

Money Coasters
For people who want to feel rich: they are made of real shred dollar bills that have been put out of business!

Playfull Coasters
To add a little joy in the party or happy hour, this coaster can leave your friends entertained! You can write whatever you want on it. From your name so you don’t loose your glass, until the awful jokes that always appear at these parties!

Beer Rate Coasters
Great idea for the beer lovers on duty. You can grade your and write down your first impressions fast, clean and organized!

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