Starter Kit
There are a huge number of beer styles to get to know.
You have no idea where to start?
Here is a beginners’ list, which creates new knowledge about this drink, revealing a bit of tradition, new flavors and a little more information about beers in general.
A good start for anyone who wants to learn to taste different beers and understand the complexity of this drink!

1.) Budweiser Budvar (5,0%)
Main beer in Czech Republic. The name comes from the city it is brewed: Budweiss. Because of the legal dispute with Anheiser Busch, this beer had to change the name in Brail and in the US: It is know as Czechvar.

2.) Pilsner Urquell (4,4%)
The first Pilsner beer ever brewed in the world. The name comes from the town where it was invented. Make no mistake, the main commercial beers, although they call themselves Pilsner, they are Standard American Lagers. So enjoy and taste the beer you always thought to be drinking

3.) Leffe Blonde(6,6%)
A light Belgian Ale. A beer with a very distinctive flavor, common to all beers of this style. Easy to find. A good start to learn about Belgian beers.

4.) Duvel (8,5%)
A strong Belgian Ale beer. Very tasty but and not too bitter. A beer easily found in supermarkets.

5.) Hoegaarden (4,9%)
An extremely refreshing beer. A lighter version of wheat beer, compared with the German options. With notes of orange and spices, it is great beer to show that not only Paulaner and Erdinger represent the wheat beer’s world.

6.) Brooklyn Lager (5,2%)
A very elaborate Vienna Lager, which balances the caramel malt flavor of with bitterness of the American hops. Great way to get to know darker beers, which uses different ways to dry the malt.

7.) Augustiner Bräu Lagerbier Hell (5,2%)
Style created to combat Czech Pilsner, but less bitter. Today is very popular in Munich. To show that there is more than wheat beer in German.

8.) Hofbräu Oktoberfest (6,3%)
Beer brewed in the spring to be consumed in the fall, in the most traditional beer festival in the world: Oktoberfest. Very similar to the Vienna Lager beer, but a bit darker and a more malted taste.

9.) Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
This is the most popular style in the United States. This beer is produced in one of the most creative brewers in the North American market. IPA is a version of Pale Ale with more hops, created to sustain the long journey from England to India in the colonization time, in order to quench the English army’s thirst.

10.) Guinness (6,0%)
The world’s most famous. This is a beer with less carbonation than a Pilsner or Lager and more bitterness. Because of its very dark color, almost black, is a bit strange at the beginning, but pleases the palate, especially with the amazing creaminess.

11.) Tripel Karmeliet (8,4%)
Here we have another fine example of Belgian beer. A strong tripel, but with a very fruity flavor. Tripel, in this case, means that the beer is made with three different types of grain.

12.) Westmalle Trappist Dubbel (7,0%)
This is a Trappist beer, made by the monks of the Abbey of Westmalle. A very exclusive style of beer, as there are only 11 authorized abbeys in the world. This is one of the best Trappist dubbel (weaker beer than the tripel) and one of the easiest trappist to find in a store near you.

13.) La Trappe Bockbier
A traditional bock beer. A good example of a darker beer that balances the caramel and chocolate flavor with the hop bitterness.

14.) Duchesse de Bourgogne (6,0%)
A great beer for approaching beers aged in oak barrels. In this case, it consists of a blend of two beers aged for 8 to 18 months. A beer with balanced acidity and a sweet caramel finish. A very different feel in your mouth.

15.) Deus (Brut des Flanders) (11,5%)
Beer produced in Belgium, and then transported to the Champagne region in France, where it undergoes the same fermentation process than local products. So this beer has a body and a very different flavor, much resembling the French sparkling wines. A example to represent the beer’s endless flavor range!

16.) Fuller’s London Pride (4,7%)
One of the most typical English beers. This is a bitter style beer, characterized by high bitterness and the little carbonation that creates little foam. A very different kind if you compared to the commercial beers represented in the Americas, especially because the drinking temperature too warm for many.

17.) Cantillon Gueuze (5,0%)
Despite being extremely difficult to find it in stores today, the search is worth it. This is one of the few beers that use the spontaneous fermentation today. A beer that ages for years in oak barrels and has practically no carbonation. This process generates a very different beer, with a not very popular sour taste. But it is worth to know if it pleases your palate.
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