How not to damage beer caps?
BE Beer Caps

Beer bottle caps are a great way to save a little from each tasted beer.
And they can also become great items for your home decor, whether in the living room, bar or grill area.

But whenever we open a bottle, we damage the cap, disrupting any collection or decor plan.

But there are ways to solve this issue.

Brookstone developed an opener that does not damage the cap. Just push the unit down and the lid comes off without a scratch either a dent.
And as the handset has an internal magnet, the cap does not goes to the ground and get lost, it stays attached to the appliance.

At the Brookstone store, this unit costs USD20,00. It’s also available at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Amazon.

But for those who do not have access to this product, or do not want to spend something that king of money, there is a very simple and cheap solution.

You would need just a coin, a soft hand and patience!

1 . )Put a coin on top of your beer cap. The coin spreads the pressure to the cap’s edges, maintaining the shape of it.

2 . ) With a regular bottle opener, gently apply pressure in two or three sides of cap. If you apply too much pressure on one side, you end up damaging the cap.

You can see the technique in detail in this video:



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