White House Ale: a beer with power!
BE White House Ale 2

Again, the U.S. president, Barack Obama, along with the first lady, innovated in the White House.

After starting the unprecedented production of honey in the garden of the White House, the Obama family has created a line of unique beers brewed within the property.

This is the first time ever heard of this type of in-house production at the residence of one of the most influential presidents of the world.

Many think that Thomas Jefferson was the pioneer because he is known not only for his political legacy; but also for his adoration for this particular drink. Even once he said he hoped beer became more popular than the whiskey, which at the time caused many deaths.

But according to historians, his production began only after his retirement, when he began a production of significant scale (something around 300 liters per year), being considered by many the first microbrewery in the United States.

According to government officials, the president bought a kit of craft production with his own money and asked some home chefs and house brewers working in the White House in other functions to develop a unique recipe.

The first production was in 2011 and was officially introduced at the famous Super Bowl party.

At that moment, the White House presented the White House Honey Brown Ale, which uses the honey produced in the gardens of the property. A small production of about 100 bottles was offered at the party and very well received by guests.

Today the line has two more beers: White House Honey Blonde Ale and White House Honey Porter.

The beers follow the characteristics of the Belgian Dubbel style, but have some American raw materials such as hops and yeast.

Take a look at this official White House video to learn more about the project.

There are no plans to launch this beer into the, so to get the chance to taste these unique beer, you must at least meet someone very important! But because of transparency laws, the White House decided to release the beer recipes to the public.

So if you do not know President Obama, you can make your own version at home!


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