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Since the beginning of 2014, the American continent has its first Trappist beer brewery authorized by the International Trappist Association.

All other 10 abbeys that produce this traditional beer are in Europe (6 in Belgium, 2 in the Netherlands, one in Austria and one in France), so convincing the Association was a long and arduous process.

For over four years, American monks of St. Joseph Abbey in Massachusetts worked to prove that was possible to maintain the same tradition even producing outside of Europe. Monks moved to Belgium to learn the art saved with so much respect for so many years to reproduce in the United States.

Over thirty test batches were brewed and countless hours were devoted to the research the recipe that should be unique, but with similarities to other beers of this style so appreciated in the world. After much discussion, the project was approved with some demands. The brewery should follow certain requirements of the International Trappist Association:

• • Build a state of the art brewery,

• • Hire a experienced brew master,

• • Produce only one style of beer during the first five years,

• • Use the business profits only for maintenance of the abbey or social projects in the local community.

With the help of the most experienced European brothers, the monks created an American Ale with 6.5 % alcohol, produced with only local ingredients, but following the European tradition, getting a slightly sweet taste, very familiar to the lovers of this style.

Sales at this time are still held only in Massachusetts, but there is already a project of national and even international distribution for the near future.


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