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The volume of imported beers in Brazil fell more than 20% compared with the year 2012, according to data released by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade. Brazil imported 43.400 tonnes of beer in 2012 (measurement used by the government). In 2013, this number was 34.100 tonnes.

According to experts, the countrys economic situation has great influence in this fall, since a credit crunch led to decreased consumption of alcoholic beverages in general, with the greatest impact on beer, the main product of this group.

This decrease is mainly felt in the popular beers segment.

Another factor that may explain the fall in imports is a strategic decision from the large brewers: they started producing locally beers that were previously imported such as Heineken and Budweiser.

But crunching the numbers a bit further, 2013 may not have been a bad year for the craft beers market.

Despite the fall in total imports, the market for premium and super premium beers (beers that the 600ml bottle costs more than R $ 7.00) still remains high in the country.

Experts say the market for super premium beers grew somewhere around 17% this year.

The countries best known for their more elaborate and special beers (Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom and Czech Republic) had respectable growth in its exports in 2013.

Belgium, for example increased by over 27% its import volumes, and the volume of Czech beer that arrived in Brazil in 2013 grew by over 50% compared to 2012. Consumers with higher income tend to be less affected by financial crises, keeping their consumption level.

And the market for specialty beers in Brazil grows too, so even mild economic downturn that leads a consumer to reduce the purchase volume; a new consumer will offset this decline and create growth in the market.

Another number that we need to look a little deeper is the imports from the United States, which fell more than 35 % in this period, because it can hide good news.

Despite the fall in imports, premium American products were the highlight of the Brazilian market in 2013, by its creativity and freedom to use the most different products as raw materials.

But however large this niche growth, strategy changes AmBev and falling consumption of popular beers exert greater pressure on the total import number.

But 2014 brings a promising combination to the market: Late carnival that extends summer (the time of the year with the greatest consumption) and the Soccer World Cup.

So 2014 promises!


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