Rock n’ Roll Beer 02

As we mentioned in the previous text, many rock bands are participating in the microbrews’ wave. Weve talked about beers that bands had direct input in the formulation of the recipe. Now we show the main beers that make a big tribute to the great artists.

Pearl Jam Twenty Faithfull Ale
Created by the already established American brewer Dogfish Head to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the classic album Ten, as part of the celebration package of created by the band in 2011, created around the launch of documentary that shows the last two decades of Pearl Jam. The beer is a Golden Ale, medium alcohol content - 7 % - and with a special ingredient: black currants!

Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew
Also created by Dogfish Head, in partnership with Sony, which owns Miles Davis distribution rights, this beer celebrates the 40th anniversary of the release of Bitches Brew album, which became one of the most influential albums in the creation of what we know today as rock. The beer is a blend of three Imperial Stouts and another beer that contains honey and gesho, an Ethiopian plant that makes the role of hops in the more traditional beer in this country.

Banda Angra
The Brazilian band Angra has released a line of beers to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first album. There Are two labels that bear the name of bands albums: Angra Angels Cry (Red Ale) and Holly Cove Land (Bohemian Pilsner). The beers are produced by Magnus Beer Brewery in Socorro, in the state of São Paulo, in Brazil.

Titãs Brown Ale
Beer Created by celebrated Colorado Brewery, in Ribeirão Preto to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Brazilian band. A English Brown Ale style beer, with an alcohol content of 5.5% and orange peels to praise the citrus flavor.

Camila, Camila – Nenhum de Nos
Another beer from Bamberg, named after a Brazilian band: Nenhum de Nos. According to the band’s calculation character of the company’s main song would be 42 years old today, therefore the beer was adjusted to have 42 IBU (International Bitterness Unit). The beer is a delicate Bohemian Pilsner, with 5% alcohol content.

Cerveja Kiss
One of the greatest hard rock bands of all time, Kiss have its owns beer: KISS Destroyer Beer Style (Pilsner), produced in Sweden. It can be purchased at the bands official website, and is available in bottles and cans. Like all German beers, it respects and follows the German traditions, using noble hops. It has dense foam and golden color.

Calibre - Paralamas do Sucesso
Another Bamberg’s tribute for a Brazilian band. This time, it celebrates the 30th anniversary of Paralamas do Sucesso with a German Pilsner, with 4.8 % alcohol.

Raimundos Helles
The beer is produced to honor the band Raimundos, great success in the 90s in Brazil. A lager beer, clear and mild with three kinds of malts and alcohol content of 5 %. A beer with personality.

Joao Gordo Hefe Weizen
Cerveja fabricada pela Cervejaria Dormund, em Serra Negra, no estado de São Paulo para homenagear o vocalista da banda Ratos do Porão. Esta é uma cerveja Hefe Weizen, estilo típico alemão.

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