Rock n’ Roll Beer 01

Beer has always been an important part of rock n roll, not only for the public and but also for the band on stage. With the popularization of microbreweries around the world, it is possible to create a special beer without worrying about giant sales figures, and focusing on a product to reflect the band’s essence. So we see breweries creating collaborations with rock bands around the world to make drinks bottling their identity. Some bands have a connection with the drink stronger and seek their own creation, making their own recipe or directly influencing the process. Others are awarded for their musical contributions over the years. Sometimes a song is memorable inspiration. Several international bands have already entered this wave! In this first article we show beers that were a result of artist’s involvement in the recipe creating process.

The Tropper Ale – Iron Maden
Honoring one of the most famous Iron Maden’s songs, Bruce Dickinson has created a true British Premium Beer with a deep character and flavor’. The beer is brewed by Brasserie Robinson in Stockport, in England, house of Old Town, which was elected the best beer in the world by Beer of the World magazine.

AC/DC Premium Lager Beer
The band created this beer with the following description: German Beer Australian Rock Rock. The beer is based on the German purity laws and the Manifesto of 1973.

Bastards Lager – Motorhead
Produced in Sweden by Kronleins brewery. This beer is described as: ‘a refresing and fruity beer with a wonderful malt character.’

Velhas Virgens
Three beers personally developed by the band and brewed by Invicta in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. The first is inspired by an IPA called Indie RockinBeer. Inspired by the Belgian wheat beer with a hint of lemon and clove, the second beer is called Whitie RockinBeer. And finally a dark beer, inspired by the ales, with touches of vanilla to give a unique personality, called Brownie RockingBeer.

Sepultura Weizen
Conceived by Bushido Brazil in partnership with the band, this beer is refreshing and ideal for the Brazilian summer. Produced by Bamberg to celebrate the band’s 25the anniversary, this beer is a typical German style beer, with flavors and aromas of banana and clove.

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