Ales, Lagers and Lambics
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The beers are divided into broad categories, Ales, Lagers and Lambics.

The main difference between them is the type of yeast used in the production process.


Ale beers are the oldest in the world.

All the records we have in ancient world are of this beer type.

Its yeasts stay on top of the fermenter, and require temperatures considered high (between 19-24 ° C). This process directly affects the taste, making the beer more complex: more full-bodied, alcoholic and fruitier flavors.

Another difference is the maturation time required. In the case of Ales, this time lasts around two weeks.


Beers discovered in the 19th century when German producers, prohibited by the Bavarian Duke to produce beer in the summer, began to store beer in the Alps to consume the hottest time of the year.

It is believed that this procedure has led to a genetic mutation and natural selection in yeast, creating a type of micro - organism that lives better in cold environments.

In lager beer, the yeast is at the bottom of the fermenter, below the wort and needs lower temperatures, between 8 ° - 12 ° C , creating lighter and less aromatic beers.

The maturation process of this beer can take months.


These beers use the oldest production method, fermenting mash with wild yeast.

The beer is exposed to air with its bacteria and wild yeast, allowing the fermentation occurs naturally, spontaneously.

The style name is derived from the Belgian town of Lembeek.

After fermentation, the beer is stored in wooden barrels to mature for up to three years.

The result is a unique beer: a sour taste with no hint of hops that takes beer lovers to have very different opinions on this style.

Many brewers, to lessen the sour taste of the beverage, fermented it with fruits like grapes and cherries.

Today these beers in its pure version (without fruits) are very rare, being found primarily in some bars in Belgium, especially in Brussels.

Among the categories there are a great range of beer styles that can suit all tastes!

So I don’t believe that there is a person who doesn’t like beer, I think she still has not found the right style for her taste!

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Ale, Lagers, Lambics and Alt Bier are the categories.
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Ale, Lagers, Lambics and Alt Bier are the categories.
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