What is beer?
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Although beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world, is not always easy to find people who know the basic ingredients that go into this drink.

Beer is a carbonated alcoholic beverage produced by the fermentation of malted cereals, in most cases barley or wheat.

The main ingredients are: water, malted grain, hops and yeast.

The water is mixed with the malt (cereal which has been hydrated to germinate and then roasted to facilitate the sugar extraction). This solution is heated to extract the sugars from malt.

The result is a mixture called wort, which is then filtrated. After hops are added to the mixture to give the bitter characteristic taste to the beverage.

In the end, yeast, a unicellular living being, is added to feed on the malt sugars and produce alcohol and carbon dioxide.

After the initial fermentation, the beer goes through the maturation process. This last a few weeks, few months or even years, depending on the beer style that is sought.

A wide variety of malts, hops and yeast makes the combination possibilities become enormous, generating over a hundred styles of beer! Ironically, the most widely marketed beers in the world (Brahma, Heineken, Budweiser, Carlsberg, etc...) are part of just one of these styles.

But this monopoly has been decreasing. This large number of styles has never been so close to so many consumers. Even the local grocery stores dramatically increased the variety on the shelves. Not to mention specialty shops, themed bars and pubs focused on styles previously unknown to the general public.

So enjoy! Try it!

Ask for help from those who know a bit more, read books or the internet (follow our website and our texts!). And begin to explore a new world full of aromas and flavors never experienced before, that only beer can offer!

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