Which is the best beer?
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The best beer is the one that you like!

Forget the ratings and classifications, seek what pleases you!

With time you will understand what makes you enjoy this or that beer: is it the malt used? Is it the amount of hops? Is it my favorite type of fermentation? Or you can think simply between the sweeter or bitterer beer, lighter or darker, stronger or lighter taste.

But do not worry, this is a gradual process. Just be open to new, test new flavors and search for information.

Start saving the name of the beer or the bottle cap (which can then be used in your home decor!) of beers you like and write down what you was remarkable about it, something simple just for you to remember these details later.

Search similar products to understand the nuances of this particular beer style. Beer is not like wine, is not regional.

With current technology, you can produce any type of beer at any time of year and anywhere around the globe. With relatively easy manufacturing processes and affordable ingredients, entrepreneurs may stand out as major local producers, keeping alive small business culture, a great characteristic of the beer production since its inception.

So do not cling only to the famous beers, be they Belgian, German or North American. Look for local beers, made near you, influenced by local culture, climate and history. For sure you will find one that pleases you and make you relate.

So you encourage handicraft production, boost the local economy and enhance cultural heritage.

Beer is not just a beverage; it brings the story of a people, their struggles and difficulties.

Beer is tradition! It promotes fellowship, friendship and cooperative.

So enjoy the whole package!

Do not just drink, taste!

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