The beer sophistication and high gastronomy

The beer sophistication and high gastronomy Beer is now on the high society. Beer left the village to be served in upscale bars, walked away from festivals to enter recipes from renowned chefs and conquer their space in the sun on the world stage of high gastronomy.

Today, beer is not only seen as the best drink to go with football, rugby or soccer around the world (and other sports!) and happy hours: a simple and cold drink! She is a complex drink, harmonized with the various dishes and meeting the growing demand for increasingly demanding connoisseurs, who are not satisfied with most of the major large-scale beers.

In ancient times, the world has always had beer as the drink of the masses, used by the population as an alternative to lack of clean water. Wine, on the other hand, has been historically used in religious and social celebrations, creating a more refined ambience. But this beer reborn that began in the 80s, especially when the USA brings a new face to the drink, placing it tables right next to wine, showing the world that it is possible to have a product with high quality and more refined taste when compared to a conventional lager.

In the US, renowned chefs are now seeking partnerships with craft breweries for their new bars and restaurants, bringing the beer to the limelight of their new projects. Daniel Burns, a world-renowned chef, opened a refined bar called Torst to serve the best beers in the world, along with its restaurant, Luksus, where he created special dishes carefully harmonized with great beers.

Eleven Madison Park, one of the most famous restaurants in New York and considered by many the best restaurant in town, serves over 140 beers from around the world and has unique craft breweries brewed exclusively for them. All this to meet the increasingly more demanding taste of its guests.

Another great exponent of this new phase is the Birreria, also in New York: a restaurant in the renowned emporium Eataly terrace, where you can find the best Italian products. Inside the restaurant there is a microbrewery created by Dogfish Head in partnership with Baladin and Birra Del Borgo, producing three special beers that can only be consumed on site. And with an amazing beer selection, the terrace becomes a center for beer lovers.

In Brazil, the chef Manu Buffara already created partnerships with brew masters to harmonize her restaurants’ menus with some of the top world beers. Alex Atala has created a special beer for his restaurant and uses beer in many dishes. What makes the chefs take this new path? The challenge!

According to them, the beer has a much wider range of flavors than wine and can have chocolate flavor, orange or banana, bringing thousands of options for harmonization. The beer options’ range is huge! It is up to you to choose how you like to enjoy this drink!


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